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  • Dr Yea is right across the street from me, so first of all it is extremely convenient. His staff members are friendly and the whole place is bright, clean and positive. He is thorough and he explains the procedures well, and would not tell you to do things that you really do not need to do. He is clear on what insurance does and does not cover, and would gauge the severity of the symptom to help you make decisions. While I have a high tolerance for pain, I can sympathize that many people don't. And every time I go in, the person next to me were always a little hysterical; and I could hear how Dr Yea calmly tell them that it would be fine, and then delivered what he promised. I would recommend him to every one else.

    Leo L.

  • I'm your typical dentist-phobic, caramel and tootsie-roll-loving, bad flosser. I had a rather mean dentist growing up and I spent the rest of my time with military dentists. Dr. Yea has been totally opposite. From my first appointment, he was kind, helpful, and very informative. The staff has been helpful, quick to contact, and I got appointments very quickly. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a new dentist.

    Sarah M.

  • I called Dr Yea's office on Wednesday for an appointment. They were able to get me in the next day. As I was in the waiting room, someone called Dr Yea's office looking for another dental clinic. Dr Yea himself answered the phone and advised the woman on the line that the clinic she was looking for was out of business, but asked if he could help her. The person spent several minutes on the phone telling him about how she had not been to a dentist in over a decade due to bad experiences she had in the past. He asked specifically about her dental situtation. Dr Yea listened. At the end of the conversation, he expressed sincere sympathy and offered his time with a no obligation consultation for whenever was convenient for her. I was taken back into the dental office. Dr Yea and his assistant spent about 45 minutes thoroughly examining and cleaning my teeth. He explained the present condition of my teeth and gums. He used visual pictures to demonstrate how important it was that I get in the habit of flossing. He made recommendations for me to get an electric toothbrush. Dr Yea is confident and humorous. He tops it off by adding a human touch each time he sees you. He understands and is considerate of your financial situation. He will do what it takes to give you the best possible treatment options that fit your budget. Dr Yea has been a part of the Lake City community for years. I have gone to other dental clinics over the past couple of years that herd patients in and out, or have you make multiple appointments for simple xrays and cleanings, or tell you that your dental issues are worse than they seem in order to sell you into having more than you need (i.e. Bright Now). Dr Yea is just the opposite. The Lake City community is very fortunate to have Dr Yea.

    Patricia P.

  • I really recommend this place. It is affordable and accessible since I live around the neighborhood. I went here couple weeks ago as need to have my teeth cleaned. The staffs were very friendly and helpful. The office was clean. The dentist was very thorough in explaining what he was doing and giving recommendation for daily teeth cleaning. I went to another dentist couple months ago who said that my teeth need to have deep cleaning that would cost me a lot of money. The dentist at Lake City Smiles was able to clean my teeth with a regular cleaning. Really love it and I would go back here in the future!

    Angelina W.